Supply Chain Education & Exposure Conference

Thank you to everyone who made this conference a success!

The inaugural SEE Conference was a wonderful event and we want to thank all of our attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers.

Most of all, thank you to each of our volunteers who participated in the event, both as organizers and hosts. Without you we could not have for executing a strong program in the face of the COVID-19 crisis.

The Future of Supply Chain Technology Starts Here!



Technology is having a dramatic impact on supply chain companies, helping them effectively manage inventories, track shipments, streamline financials, reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and increase productivity and profitability. The Hendricks Logistics Sector Partnership (HLSP) hosted the first ever Supply chain Education and Exposure (SEE) Conference on March 12-13, 2020. This two-day event was built to fully immerse industry and community in the future of supply chain technology. Attendees learned how industry is shifting, how to innovate their operations to maximize profit, and how all of these things impact their ability to grow and maintain a strong workforce. You can check out the full program by following this link!

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The HLSP hosts also want to recognize that, even as COVID-19 was knocking at our door, we were able to present a strong program to each and every attendee. We could not have done this without the dedication of our sponsors, exhibitors and speakers. We want to thank you for making this event a huge success despite an unprecedented situation. 

Thank you to each of our speakers

Nathan Hartman (Purdue University) Developing Digital Manufacturing and Supply Chain Capability: Re-shaping the Workforce

Industry Update with the Indiana Department of Workforce Development and Partner Panel (Mavpak, VULTEC, Merchandise Warehouse)

 Donaldson Twyman (FedEx: FedEx Indianapolis Hub – A Global Company Right In Your Backyard)

 Lisa Deck (Purdue INMac: Community Collaboration: Developing and Sustaining Partnerships)

Catalina Valencia (Terra Finder Consulting)  New Technologies: What Will Impact Corporate Site Location Decisions and What Can Communities Do to Prepare?

 Jason Tenorio (Bastian Solutions: A Balanced Scorecard Approach to Higher Efficiency  )

Jason Pennington (Fishers Internet of Things Lab)  Disrupt or be Disrupted

Kevin Lawton (The New Warehouse Podcast)  What Technologies Are You Most Excited About (live podcast)

Bryan Rushton (LHP Engineering:  The Future of Work - A Technology Integrator's Perspective

Fireside Chat with Matthew Caito (Butler University) and Andrew  Penca (Cummins):  Working with our Data and Our People to Build Sustainable Businesses

Molly Martin (The New America and publisher of Automation Nation report)  Automation Nation: Understanding the Future of Work


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