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Hendricks County has long been an innovator for food production

Hendricks County’s reputation as a food innovator goes back to the late 19th century, when a local farmer became an advocate for an exotic legume he obtained from Japan. Adrian Parsons convinced other farmers that his newfound “soya bean” would grow well in our climate, improve the soil quality, and offer opportunities as feed and an ingredient.

Given that agricultural heritage, our central location, extensive transportation network, and remarkably affordable utilities, it’s easy to see how we became the choice of some of North America’s largest food processors and manufacturers. Today, leading food and beverage companies like Maplehurst Bakeries, Niagara Bottling, and Harlan Bakeries operate highly productive facilities here.

Our utility infrastructure can accommodate the most demanding production lines, with abundant electricity, natural gas, and fresh water readily available. Sites with rail access provide a low-cost way to source inputs such as plastic pellets, aluminum, grains, flour, and syrups. Local farmers produce large crops of corn and soybeans, too. And with most of the nation’s population within a one-day drive, locating here ensure you’ll get finished product to more markets in less time.