Hendricks County Economic Development Partnership
Danville, Indiana

Phone (317) 745-2400  |  Email brian@hcedp.org

Hendricks County’s economy is healthy and vibrant

Hendricks County, Indiana has a robust local economy that has continued to grow even when the nation’s economy was struggling, thanks to a vast and diverse business base and a large labor shed of highly skilled workers. Add in the extensive transportation infrastructure, with fast access to a network of Interstate highways, Class I rail service, and the Indianapolis International Airport and its FedEx hub, and you have a combination that ensures healthy performance in any economy.

Want to see for yourself? Use the tools on this page to compare Hendricks County to the nation and other communities. And if you can’t find the specific comparisons that matter most to you, we’ll be happy to locate the information you need. Just contact us at brian@hcedp.org and we’ll go to work for you right away.

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